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Why It Takes a Woman So Long to Get Dressed in the Morning

If one were to investigate how long it takes for a woman to get dressed in the morning versus the amount of time it takes for a man to get dressed, he would be astonished at the results. It takes a woman at least double the amount of time that it takes men to get dresses. What is it about women that they can spend close to an hour every morning making sure that they look put together to face the world. Do women have so many more body parts to cover that it takes them so much longer?

The answer to this is simple. Women are much more conscious on how the outside would perceives their appearance than men. Their self esteem depends on it. A woman who feels she is ugly and unattractive will have a much lower self image than one who feels she is a stunning model. Therefore, women go to great lengths to make sure they buy everything they need that will enhance their appearance. She spends a ridiculous amount of time in front of the mirror to make sure she looks perfect.

When she wakes up in the morning, it takes a woman a good ten to fifteen minutes deciding what to wear that day. Although, she may have plenty to choose from, she is not necessarily in the mood of wearing half of them. After she finally decides which outfit she will wear, she has to pick out a pair of shoes that goes best with it. When she picks the shoes she goes to her drawer to put on a pair of socks, only to discover that it has huge hole. When she is done getting dressed with the basics, she has to deal with her hair and makeup. Fixing her hair and applying makeup can take up to a half hour and sometimes even longer, depending on if she needs to iron or blow her hair.

The next major dilemma she is faced with is which perfume she should wear. She likes her Calvin Klein perfume the best so she likes to save it for special occasions. However on this particular morning, she woke up in an awful mood and she is convinced that the only way she can pull out of this mood is by smelling her favorite perfume. She finally decides to put on her favorite Calvin Klein perfume to ensure that she will be in a good mood throughout the day. She then must choose the jewelry that best match the dress she chose. So many decisions must be made when getting dressed in the morning. If it were not for the poor husbands pressuring her to hurry, it could possibly take her the entire day to get dressed.

In conclusion, getting ready each morning is a tremendous hassle for most women. If your wife is one of these women, realize that it is not just your wife with these issues. It is actually most women in the world. Be patient with her and accept for the way she is. There is nothing more appreciated than a sincere compliment from her husband.