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Polyprop Bags and Their Essential Advantages

Polyprop bags are different from the bags made of other polymers, including cellophane, polyethylene, and vinyl. Polypropylene is very similar to polyethylene; however, it exceeds it by certain characteristics, the main one is its lower cost. The specific properties inherent to polypropylene give a good reason to choose it over the other types of polymers, including polyethylene. Polypropylene has the following main advantages: it is more durable than polyethylene; it is transparent, elastic, and resistant to various types of damage.

The density of polypropylene typically ranges between 1 to 2.5mil. The process of its polymerization is similar to that of LDPE (low density polyethylene). Polypropylene has a high melting point, which means that polyprop bags can be sterilized. Polypropylene can also be crystallized easily. Among all the known synthetic polymers, crystalline polypropylene is the most durable one. The excessive durability of bags made of this material give them a high mechanical resistance.

By durability, polypropylene ranks higher than polyethylene. However, it loses in frost resistance. Already at a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit), polypropylene can become fragile. This can be eliminated by the copolymerization of propylene with ethylene. The striking advantages of this plastic include a high chemical resistance at elevated temperatures.

The Scope of Use and Features of Polypropylene Bags

Today, polypropylene packages are in demand in all industries. They are used for packaging, transportation and storage of bulk chemicals, food products, agricultural products, and debris. Furthermore, polyprop bags are used for the packing of: textiles, jewelry, printed materials (postcards, magazines), personal hygiene items, stationery, bakery products, and toys.

The high chemical resistance of the bags isn't the only feature for making your choice in their favor. Polypropylene packages are endowed with such great features as: ability to protect the contents from dust and moisture, impact resistance, tear resistance, resistance to sliding, and a high durability. They are not subject to decay or mold. They are suitable for automated processing and stacking. They keep static electricity minimized, which is important for using them to store electronics.

Modern technologies allow producing the packages of a number of configurations, including polyprop bags with patch handles, adhesive tape, hang-holes, grommets, micro-punching, bottom fold, and many other handy options. Moreover, the bags can combine several of the enlisted configurations in a single item.

Advertising on Polypropylene Bags

It is easy to see that polypropylene bags may be one of the best advertising mediums. They are extremely popular among consumers, as well as they are extremely affordable. That is why numerous companies use these bags for their marketing needs. The advertising is typically applied onto the packages using the Flexography Printing Process. Flexography is a specific printing method, which allows printing on flexible materials in full color. It is used for printing on packaging, plastic bags, labels, etc. The flexographic images do not produce any odor after printing (if the process uses water-based ink) and is free of any solvent fumes.

If you are looking for a way to expand the marketing of your company, you may want to consider the affordable and in-demand polyprop bags for your next marketing step.