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Bearpaw Slippers - The Perfect Christmas Gift

Are you looking for a good deal on Bearpaw slippers? If you are then you are certainly not alone. Bearpaw slippers are popular all year- round, but in the run up to Christmas they are more in demand than ever and that is why I have written this article about getting a really good deal.

Bearpaw offer a great range for both men and women that offer a variety of styles and a good choice of price range to suit most pockets.

You can choose from a moccasin or traditional boot shape slipper, or if you prefer the mule then there are two styles to choose from. One is more traditional and practical with a shearling edge and is fleece and fur- lined. The other is more of a fashion accessory and is very elegant. The Bearpaw Paris mule is in white fur and is a little like the Cinderella glass slipper shape.

Because the foot beds on these slippers are sheepskin they don't just feel wonderfully soft and warm but also regulate the temperature of your feet to avoid that sweaty and clammy feeling you get when wearing most slippers. This means that Bearpaw slippers stay smelling good for longer and you won't have to resign them to the dustbin before they have passed their sell by date.

There are a lot of good deals available on Bearpaw at the moment and a lot of online stores are offering good incentives. Some are offering a set discount on all slippers and boots, whilst others are targeting best sellers or end of line styles. In addition, some stores are also making use of the voucher and coupon schemes which can offer you decent discounts - sometimes on top of the already discounted price.

Free shipping is another deal to look out for because it can keep down the cost of your purchase, especially if you have decided to treat the whole family to a new pair of slippers!

One more thing to remember about Bearpaw slippers is that they have a very durable rubber outsole, which means that they are safer to wear on a variety of surfaces. It also means that you can pop into the garden or yard without having to think about changing your footwear. Great for those early mornings when you need to catch the postman or dustbin men in a hurry.